About Us

We are Charlie & Jamie, and we have been caravanning since 2016. We enjoy exploring new places with our three dogs, Lucky, Jumble & Bramble. We recently bought a new Coachman Laser Xcel 855, and these are our stories about our adventures, challenges and trips away.

Over the next couple of years we aim to be semi-nomadic and as we are lucky enough to work from home, we're turning that into work from caravan to allow us to really see our wonderful country.


Charles enjoys amateur dramatics, rowing and taking the dogs for really long walks. He is described on our Instagram as 'The Boss', as he is the leader of our pack.


Jamie is all about technology, and is the main tower for outfit, handily nicknamed 'Drive'. He spends his time writing software for work and for fun, and when he's not doing that he spends his time gaming, or working with his PT. He's also head chef when away, and enjoys cooking challenging dishes in the caravan! He enjoys  going for long walks with the hounds.

The Hounds

Lucky is 8, yet she is the unluckiest dog I know. She's queen of the pack, and runs the house. She's also the smallest of our dogs. She has run away from dog walkers, been hit by cars, had thorns in eyes (on the first day of one of our caravan holidays) and has even taken herself home from a walk when she got bored.

Jumble is 6, he's our only boy dog, and he's an absolute sweetie. He doesn't have many stories to tell, other than the time he chased a squirrel up a tree, and then realised he was up a tree when he was half way up and fell out! He does what Lucky tells him to do.

Bramble is our puppy, she is just 1, and she's as soft as butter. All of our dogs are Labradoodles, but she is the only standard, the other two are miniatures. We got Bramble, even though Charles was dead against another dog, and now even he's looking at a fourth!

We love doing things that the dogs enjoy, beach walks, off the lead runs through the woods and games of fetch in fields. The countryside and the seaside are our two favourite places.