Mitsubishi -> BMW

Mitsubishi -> BMW

We bought the Mitsubishi Shogun with towing in mind. A good 3.2 litre diesel engine, with a 3.5 tonne towing capacity, its going to be able to tow whatever caravan we buy...or so we thought!

We picked up our new Coachman, and the plan was to tow it straight to a site to test it out, one which was local to where we live in case we had forgotten anything.

The four cylinder engine was full of dead spots on acceleration, and the gearbox was working overtime, and that was just leaving Highbridge! By the time we were on the M5, I didn't feel confident in the braking capability of the Mitsubishi, so I wasn't too fussed that it would barely get to the 60mph (the legal speed limit whilst towing any trailer on a motorway).

The trip to Paignton was exhausting, we were up and down the gears and we just about made it up the notorious Telegraph Hill in 2nd gear with the engine screaming all the way to the top. This was not a fun drive, and lets face it - we do this because its fun, not because we enjoy hard work.

I'd decided at this point we had to get a new car for touring, but what would we go for? Historically, we'd almost always towed with Mercedes, having had 3 tow cars from Mercedes in Exeter, but we did also tour with a BMW X5, and that was one of the best towing cars we'd had.

Personally, I feel that Mercedes cars are quite boring these days, the exteriors don't have the same sexiness they used to have, and there's quite a big focus on their electric side (I won't get into my opinions on electric cars in this post!)

I popped in to see my favourite sales person at BMW one Saturday afternoon, and asked him to find me a tow car. The following week, we were invited to the garage to sit with him until we'd found what we were after. Now, I like to dream big it comes to cars, and I'd seen a couple of BMW X5 M50i's online. That 4.4 V8 would be awesome for towing, even if it would be a little thirsty...but there on the forecourt, was an X5 xDrive40D. It had been fully loaded by the previous owner, with the all important electriconically deployable towbar, giving the car a 3.5 tonne towing capacity. The salesman who had sold it previously told us a story about the previous owner who came in and just asked him to tick all the possible boxes, so it has got absolutely everything on it, including drinks coolers/heaters and massage seats!

Charles saw it and fell in love instantly. He would also use this car for his trips to Head Office, so its important he liked it. What he really liked was the light interior, its quite rare these days in a BMW.

Peter at BMW put us together a good deal to part ex the Mitsubishi in, and a week later we were picking up the new car! Incidently, we were already away, so we drove up from Cornwall to pick the new car up. We've got extra number plates for either the originals or Charlies private plate, depending on whether or not the V5 arrives in time!

We just know that the X5 is going to be a much better tow car than the Mitsubishi. I was knackered by the time we'd got to Cornwall in the Shogun, it was constant hard work to get here, never knowing if the car would actually slow down when needed.