Crow Trees Farm CL Site Review

Crow Trees Farm CL Site Review

A few weeks back I posted about going up north, and last week we finally did it! 250 miles, approximately 5 hours, but it was absolute worth it. The site was beautifully kept, good size pitches and nice clean facilities.

This image depicts our caravan, a Coachman Laser Xcel 855, with an awning attached. All the roof lights are open because it's hot. The waning is half on the grass for easy pitching.

Thanks to our E&P system, we were level and set up in about 20 minutes. A further 20 minutes for the awning, which went up remarkably quickly, and we were ready for the week.

We arrived on the saturday, which meant we had 1.5 days for some exploring, before we had to crack on with some work.

First on our hitlist of places was Bakewell. Now, we've all heard of a Bakewell Tart, overly sweet, strange almond essence taste, lots of icing (alright, I'll admit I'm quite partial to one of these), but we were here for the Original Bakewell Pudding. Crisp layers of pastry, gooey rich filling, and boy we were not disappointed! We actually couldn't wait to try one, so we found the nearest bench, and shared our first true Bakewell Pudding. I can safely say this was awesome!

Jamie & Charlie are eating a true Bakewell pudding on a park bench. They shared this pudding

Now, after a lovely successful trip to Bakewell, I'd gone to pay for our car parking whilst Charles put the dogs in the car, I'm strolling back to the car and I see Charles with his face covered in blood! "What on earth has happened?" I think to myself, it looked like he'd been shot! I rush over to him, and its dripping out all over the car park. Luckily we had some water in the car just in case we needed it for the dogs, and some ever useful McDonalds napkins so we got him cleaned up, and decided to head back to the caravan to put our feet up and recover.

The site has a wonderful dog walking area, so after a while, we took the dogs for a good run about. We really appreciate a good dog walking area, as its nice and easy to walk them during our lunchbreaks. There were fields surrounding the dog walking area, with horses, guinea fowl and cows. It is absolutely smashing to be surrounded by farm animals. You can buy meat from the site, and they'll deliver it to your caravan. Cash & card are both accepted!

One of our newest accessories is Elon Musks Starlink. Because we spend a lot of time away working, this piece of kit is an absolute must for us. Our 4G dongle was getting 8Mbps down, the starlink averaged 200Mbps for the entire week. It meant we could work without our meetings dropping out. Its quick to set up and get working, and if there is something in the way, theres a sky map that tells you were it can't get signal, and how often you can expect it to drop out. We know this is slightly extravagant, but we love working from the caravan, because we can get out in the evenings and explore.

There are quite a few National Trust places around the area, and we took advantage of one of these for a nice walk with the dogs in the evening. We went to Hawksmoor and had a super walk with the dogs, before coming back and cooking up a feast on the Cadac.

Our last day, we went for an adventure. Now, my favourite place in the world, is being in the car with Charles, and the dogs. So on the Saturday we took a visit to Leisure Sales Cheshire, where they were having their own open day. We entered the dogs in the competition, and had a good browse at the shop and the caravans they had for sale.

From here we went onto Cheshire Oaks, for a spot of retail therapy. Everywhere here was super dog friendly, all of the shops made an absolute fuss of them, and I'm convinced shopping here took 3 times longer because we had to keep showing them off!

Now, its not uncommon for one of us to say something random like "Do you fancy popping to North Wales?", so thats exactly what we did! We made our way to Prestatyn, but we didn't realise how hot it was outside.

Looking down at the temperature gauge it had made it to 31C, which is far too hot to get the dogs out of the car, so we left the engine and air con running for while whilst we sorted them with some water and a treat (they'd been so good, after all), and we wended our way back to the caravan.

The caravan was a positively balmy 48C inside when we arrived back. Even with the windows open all the way aroud it only cooled down to about 31C, so all five of us struggled with the heat for a while. I think air conditioning for the caravan is on my purchase list!

A picture showing the inside temperature of the caravan at 31C. The heating is set to 16.5C

In summary, we had an absolutely smashing time at Crow Trees Farm CL site, the facilities were spot on, theres lots to do, and the surroundings were great

Jamie's Touring Scoring

Facilities: 9/10
Accessibility: 9/10
Surroundings: 9/10
Pitches: 9/10