Modbury CAMC Site Review

Modbury CAMC Site Review

Well we couldn't just go a whole week without being in the caravan so we popped away for the weekend to Modbury CAMC as its only about 40 minutes from home!

If you've been here before you'll know the way in is quite narrow, lots of single track lanes with not many passing places, and our arrival was unusally stressful. The road in was much busier than I'd ever seen it in the past, we had to wait for a wide load to pass before we could continue on to the road which passes California Cross, and on that road we met some unbelievably impatient people. Because we'd stopped (there were four or five vehicles in front of us anyway) to wait for the wide load, we had an unusually large number of vehicles behind. We approached one section which was wide enough for passing, but narrowed at either end, and a delightful tractor driver with no one behind him decided to make a scene, arms flailing, swearing and shouting, there was just no need. As he made a scene, he'd delayed his passing (I had stopped to let him past, so we could get by), which meant he'd now gathered four or five cars behind him. Anyway, he got past us with absolutely no bother, even after his tantrum, but we then had nowhere to go, which meant the car behind him also started swearing. All I can imagine is they were having a bad day, and after they'd made a little room, we carried on to the site! We were away in our lovely caravan, and they were still working so we just shrugged and got set up in record time!

We love the South Hams, it gives us some of the most picturesque views,  wonderful farm shops, and fantastic villages. That evening, we went to Bigbury to watch the sunset, and it did not disappoint. We love the far reaching views out to sea, and the journey there is really interesting.

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes we find a pitch, and then it becomes ours. We have infact stayed on the same pitch number at least three times! 68 at Modbury, is ours, and no one elses (although I believe somene vacated that pitch the day we arrived!)

We particularly like that pitch as its nice and close to the dog walking area, which is massive. Our hounds love a good run, and this is probably one of the best dog walking areas we've used.

Now, before I go on, I have to say we had a smashing time at Modbury, but there just a few points about the site that sadly let it down. The facilities have an incredibly dated feel, I can only imagine its what Caravan and Motorhome Club sites felt like in the 80s. The showers had nowhere to put anything, other than using a stool, everything got soaked as there wasn't even a shower curtain, and I'm not sure who uses one of the many individual sink cubicles - my dad was the last the person I knew who had a 'Stand Up Wash Down'. I do have to say that although they were old, they were incredibly clean.

I feel that if we're paying for a club site then the fees should be going not just towards daily running, but ongoing maintenance and in this case, a refresh project. The curtains you can see in the picture above are the individual sink cubicles. We've stayed at some sites with amazing wash room facilities - the best probably being Ladram Bay, but these were just a little bit sad. I'd love to help CAMC design and plan their facilities to bring them into the modern era, but then again I'd love to help CAMC design their app and booking engine!

One thing that is also lacking is fully serviced pitches. We prefer a fully serviced pitch, and theres a row of pitches at Modbury that is crying out for water and grey waste to be added. I know we would have known at the time of booking, but we would probably have been less critical over the facilities if it was easy to use our own!

In summary, the site is well kept, and the facilities, although dated, were clean. I'm not sure we'll be rushing back, but I'm sure we'll return at some point.

Jamie's Touring Scoring

Facilities: 5/10
Accessibility: 4/10
Surroundings: 8/10
Pitches: 7/10